We all know how bad junk food can be for our health. We are totally aware of the consequences it can have on our health. We still kind of get pulled towards it because our taste buds can’t have it. This results in various health problems that we all know very well but we need something more that could motivate us to quit that cheeseburger or French fries. Nutritionist Akansha Jhalani has explained very well why it has become extremely necessary for us to leave junk food behind in order to achieve that health goal. Here are some points she mentioned regarding why junk food is a hindrance and how its absence can help, in an interview with The Health site.

Less Bloating

Cutting out the junk from your diet also majorly helps you to also cut out the salt. The excess salt intake from the fries, pizzas and fried snacks over the time not only affect the blood pressure but also dampen your taste buds.

Weight loss

Less junk food means less saturated fat. Fat is the devil but the saturated fat is the one we need to block out. Saturated fats from unhealthy sources cause a rise in bad cholesterol raise cholesterol levels and increasing obesity. You can check our blog on good and bad cholesterol to know more about this.

Healthy hair

Not eating processed food and eliminating the preservatives, stabilizers and chemicals has a great effect on your hair. You consume more fresh produce which is why you get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your diet that strengthens your hair.

Healthy skin

Eliminating junk food helps you regulate your hormones and protects you from the harmful side effects of preservatives, thus giving you a radiant and clear skin.

Diabetes stays away

Processed food has simple sugars that cause an immediate increase in your blood sugar and these sudden increases create a threat to your health and make you prone to diabetes and other diseases.

Good sleep

Foods high in sugar disrupt your sleep. These foods disturb your natural neurochemical processes and create an irregular sleeping pattern that causes irritability and lethargy. Good quality sleep is necessary for a healthy body. (Check our blog on Sugar to know about various kinds of sugar and their side effects)

We know that a snack is something everyone loves which is why we go for junk food. Replace your snacks with some healthy snacks like health bars, recipes with healthy ingredients etc. which don’t pose a threat to your health because of their nutritional content.

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