Veganism is the latest trend that has been prevailing in the food industry and in our lives. Many people think of becoming vegan because they want to lose weight. This is one reason but why is it really needed in today’s world?

For animals

The most important thing in a vegan diet is quitting on the animal products. You can’t have dairy products or eggs etc. Meat is all together out of the picture. This saves so many animal lives.

There are huge numbers of animals which are bred especially so that they can produce meat. Even the cows that produce milk for us are slaughtered after a time because their milk production decreases. The number of animals that we save by being vegan is appalling. This is why most of the food companies are now making products like 100% vegetarian health bars which are actually good.

Better health

Studies have shown that people who follow the vegan diet have more energy and have a glowing skin with a very fit body. Plant based diets don’t have as much saturated fat and they are high on fibre. They even have anti-oxidants (check our blog on ‘why do we need anti-oxidants?’) in high amounts which is very helpful for our body.

Plant based diets do wonders for our bodies as they are any time better than an animal protein diet. It has all the essential nutrients and vitamins that our boy needs. By going vegan, we can actually combat many of the world’s major health diseases like obesity, cancer and many heart diseases etc.

For the environment

We all know about how we have very limited resources. If we keep on using these resources mercilessly then we will see our end soon. We use thousands of acres of land just to grow crops for the animals that we breed to produce meat. If we switch to veganism, this land can be used to grow crops for people. A plant based diet requires less land under cultivation than it does for a meat based diet. We can all save our environment by opting for a vegan diet.

These are the main reasons why one should become vegan. It is good for all of us actually. If these reasons really enlightened you then you can surely opt for veganism and check our blog on ‘being vegan’ so that you know the right way to do it.

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