There can be many reasons to smile but your teeth and gums are an integral part of it. Everyone wants a beautiful, attractive smile and we have dentists who help us safeguard our smiles. But, there is more you can do to keep your pearly whites healthy. You guessed it right! Eating foods that can help protect and strengthen your teeth and gums, along with maintaining proper oral hygiene can keep your smile going a long way. If we avoid taking care of our mouth it can cause teeth cancer.

Symptoms Of Teeth Cancer :

Bad Breath :

We all have a busy lifestyle, work schedules which causes us to eat whenever we feel hungry. who doesn’t like eating tasty food! But our this habit can cause pain to our teeth. Eating sweets, chocolates can cause damage to teeth. habits, like having tobacco, Smoking cigarettes, pipes, or using smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco, can cause mouth cancer. Which further leads to bad breath and deadly disease like mouth cancer.

Swallowing in cheeks :

Our teeth get affected which results into a swollen cheek. Our whole mouth gets affected due to which a lump forms in our cheeks. It causes endless pain and mouth cancer too.

Pain in gums :

It’s obvious that teeth and gums get affected together. We become unable to chew or move the jaw. While eating we can’t move our too much it becomes heavy.

A visit to your dentist includes oral hygiene instructions and what not to eat in order to prevent cavities from developing, but rarely are you told what to eat to keep your teeth, its underlying bone and the surrounding soft pink gums, healthy. Read below to keep your pearly whites healthy so you won’t suffer from teeth cancer.

Let’s look at some foods that help strengthen your teeth and gums.

Milk– All of us have been told to drink milk in order to improve our body’s calcium levels. Milk, as we know, is an essential source of calcium and so are all of its by-products. So, having a glass or two of milk daily ensures adequate calcium intake that helps strengthen your teeth, its surrounding bone and the gums.

Cheese– One of the milk products that help keep your teeth strong is cheese. There are many types of cheese available today and they are not only rich in calcium but also in proteins.

Almonds– Almonds are extremely high in most nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, fiber, and protein. Due to these nutrients, almonds are said to be healthy for the teeth and gums.

Leafy greens– Just like most other health benefits, leafy greens are healthy for your teeth too. Most leafy greens contain high calcium and folic acid – both of which maintain strong teeth and healthy gums respectively.

Apples- An apple a day keeps your doctor AND your dentist away! Though sweet, apples are rich in fiber, pectin, and water. The fiber in the apple helps clean the gums and stimulates them – a way of keeping them healthy. It helps to clean out the space between your gums and teeth and keeps you feeling fresh. Apples also help you salivate which helps to cleanse your mouth and prevent decay.

Garlic- Garlic is infamous for the garlic-y breath it gives but due to its high prebiotic fiber, it helps with digestion. Anything that maintains a healthy digestive system indirectly maintains strong teeth and gums.

Yogurt- Another dairy product that is very high in calcium. Yogurt also contains probiotics which aid in better digestion. Both these nutrients are responsible for their effect on strengthening teeth and gums.

Include these teeth and gum strengthening foods to your daily diet food and protect your smile!

Eat Healthy, Smile More!

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