The most common health trend that has been going on for quite a while now is gyming. Every 6 people out of 10 actually go to the gym. With gyming comes, a healthy diet, health supplements like protein powders and even health bars. The main focus of all these products is on the protein content. This is because the recommended daily take in of protein is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men if the physical activity is increased then 20 grams of protein requirement increases.

It is pretty obvious that we can’t get our entire 35-40% protein requirement from food items. There are valid reasons that restrict this is from happening. This is why we need protein supplements, the protein powders come in this situation. Protein powders actually come in various forms.


This is the most popular supplement among all the gym goers. Whey protein acts fast and it is really easy to digest. The biggest benefit is that it is pure protein based on milk. The reason that all the people who workout take this supplement is that it builds lean muscles. If you want to get into the detail of Whey protein and how it gives more benefits then go through our blog on Whey protein.


As compared to the whey protein, this milk protein digests quite slowly and is usually recommended to be used at night. This is recommended so that the amino acids work their magic through our system while we are sleeping. The reason this kind of supplement is important is because it helps in muscle recovery.


Whey and casein protein are both milk based but some people are lactose intolerant so these two options might not suit them. That is why the option of soy protein is there. This kind of protein is also fast acting like the Whey protein but it also has the added benefit that it boosts the nitric oxide levels in our body. This boost is really essential as it increases the blood flow to muscles, thus helping them build up.


This is another product that has graced the market. Most of the people would tell you about three types of protein but there is a fourth one. It is completely plant-based because it is a protein extracted from peas. It is full of all the amino acids that any other protein rich food would have. Its popularity is increasing because it is very well digested by most of the users. For further information refer to our blog on Pea Protein Isolate.

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