Malnutrition (Underweight kid from Africa)

To stay healthy we must consume fats in balance. Our weight depends on what we eat. Bodyweight is a very tricky thing. If you are overweight, you’ve got a problem and if you are underweight you’ve still got a problem. There is a very thin line between being healthy and unhealthy or the stage of malnutrition. You have to stay on that line and if you fluctuate, either way, it means trouble. Fats are very essential for our body. underweight people should maintain a proper diet to gain muscles. Yes, being skinny you may look beautiful but it doesn’t make you healthy from inside. To maintain the inside you can exercise and make your diet rich. Rich diet is all about what is available in our house like nuts ( Walnut, macadamia nuts, hazelnut, peanuts), Milk, Soyabean for glowing skin and hairs, fruits with lots of freshness, juicy meat, Grean leafy vegetables, fat source like avocados. We all have this things at our home but we never try to include this in our proper diet. But with all these food items you can maintain looking healthy and beautiful at the same time.


People talk a lot about being overweight but we rarely see people talking about being underweight. Both are problems that need proper addressing but one receives more attention than the other. If we can eat healthy to not be overweight then we need to eat healthy to not be underweight as well. Some healthy foods can help in doing so.

Worldwide malnutrition is the very big issue. The ratio of kids who suffer from malnutrtion is high across some countries. Nowadays not getting enough nutrition can cause such stage. There are some people who suffer being an underweight. Our body weight should be one of our concern. Keeping yourself healthy or beautiful is easy, But fulfilling our inner side to stay healthy is hard. We should always add healthy and nutritious foods in our daily diet. Ww know the fact that healthy foods are not as tasty as junk food. But once you start eating healthy you realise the change in your body weight also the change in your health. Peoplw who wish to gain weight must consume right amount of fats, minerals and proteins. There are so many things to eat like Protein rich foods, fat sources, Leafy green Veggies, Fruits, Meat, Nuts, Dairy products etc. If you desire to gain a healthy body you must consume the following food in your diet :


Red meat is generally not recommended in high amounts as it has unhealthy fats, but taking it in adequate quantities can actually help gain weight and build muscle. They have added calories which mean more calories for you in smaller amounts.


Milk is a really good option for gaining weight or building muscle. It has carbs, fats, and protein as well which makes it a very balanced option to gain weight in the right way.


Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. can be a really good snack which provides you with wholesome nutrition. They have protein and healthy fats in them which make them good options.


Potatoes are rich in starch and provide important nutrients and fiber which boosts your calorie intake.


Rice is full of carbs and is a calorie-dense food which means it doesn’t provide empty calories. A small amount of it can give you a lot of energy and a good amount of nutrition. The best part is that they make a good side dish so nutrition is guaranteed.


Avocados are full of healthy fats and good calories, which is why even a small quantity of it can make up for a major part of your daily nutrition requirements, and help you gain weight.

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